DTA/21-2016 – The italian contribution to the IOC Global Ocean Science Report


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The Italian Oceanographic Commission (COI), as National Coordination Body of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (www.ioc-unesco.org/) of UNESCO, has been requested to contribute to the production of the IOC Global Ocean Science Report (GOSR) with national information.

In the invitation letter, the need to strengthen marine science capacities of nations in order to advance sustainable ocean management was underlined, as identified by many international fora (e.g. WSSD, Rio+20, UN-ICPOLoS, UN World Ocean Assessment). It especially outlines the following objective: “The questionnaire seeks to gain your views, information about your institute/country/organization to complete the information needed to obtain a complete picture of ocean science globally”.

Inputs to the survey came from all members of the COI, representing key governmental institutes specialized on Ocean Science and from selected national experts, who already owned relevant pieces of information, with the support of the Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-DTA).

The questionnaire became an important opportunity to depict a comprehensive and detailed overview of the Italian Ocean Science landscape in the last few years, and highlighted possible issues in obtaining coherent and comparable data from the different actors.

Therefore, this document can be considered a useful tool to support decisions and implementation processes with reliable, updated and complete information, to be addressed to policy makers (e.g. for the MSFD).