Preannouncement of EuroMarine 2018 calls (funding opportunities)

The terms of EuroMarine 2018 calls were specified by the Steering Committee (SC) during its 19 Jan. 2018 meeting. These terms are outlined below, in advance of the actual launch of the call, with the purpose of letting scientists at EuroMarine member organisations start preparing applications and liaise with potential EuroMarine partners.

In 2018, as in 2017, two distinct calls will be organised. The budget of the calls will be determined by the SC at a later stage based on EuroMarine final 2018 resources.

The calls will open on 4 April 2018. The call for proposals of foresight workshops or working groups will close on 31 May. The call for fellowship applications (open to young scientists from full member organisations, as well as from invited member organisations in Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Tunisia, and Turkey) will close on 27 April.