SEAS-ERA EUFP7ERA-NET – New mechanisms for human capacity building in Mediterranean marine research


WP 7 -Task 7.5 –

Deliverable 7.5.1 –

Authors: MIUR and CNR (Italy)


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The main aim of this deliverable is to review patterns and mechanisms for HCB in the region, further investigate synergies between national, regional and European programs to identify new instruments and mechanisms to be proposed. The approach toward Mediterranean region takes into consideration perspectives and instruments for cooperation with Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries.

To this aims, the results achieved in the project seas-Era but also inputs from other workshops and initiatives dealing with HCB and marine and maritime in the Med regions have been taken into account.

The paper is divided into two main parts:

  1. Mediterranean area and HCB: convergence and perspectives, dealing with mobility patterns, actions and instruments and SWOT analysis to spur cooperation in the area concerned;
  2. Action Plan for new mobility mechanisms in the Med Region, providing best practices, recommendations and priority actions for HCB initiatives and mobility at short, medium and long term.