Towards Integrated Marine Research Strategy and Programmes – SEAS-ERA EUFP7ERA-NET

Capacity Building – Identifying needs, specificities and imbalances

Summary of the deliverable 5.2.1 (WP5-Task 5.2)

Author: MIUR – CNR (Italy)


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In order to identify needs, specificities and imbalances in HCB, this report presents an overview of the issue at pan-European level. National Research Programmes that target human potential as their scope are listed in Chapter 1; the EU funding schemes overview of Chapter 2 includes a survey of capacity building efforts in the framework of RTD projects, with particular attention on Marie Curie (mobility)

actions and a brief report of programs carried out at Regional level.

A collection of significant capacity building activities that international organizations and consortia carry out in the marine sector is

accounted for in Chapter 3, that reports the experiences of IOC, ICES and BONUS among others, as explained during the Workshop “Identifying needs, specificities and imbalances in human capacity building”, held in Rome on October 7th 2011. Finally, Chapter 4 presents at global and regional level the analysis of the information collected through the HCB online questionnaire developed by SEAS-ERA project and delivered to SEAS-ERA partners and their contacts.

The findings of this report represent a milestone to address a capacity building strategy at pan-European level in marine and maritime sector.