Evaluation of the dangerousness linked to natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, gravitational movements and extreme weather events, with the aim of monitoring, prevention and mitigation of the corresponding risks and forecasting their occurrence, recurrence and potential impact on the environment, including the marine environment, and the territory. Study of the processes of triggering and development of potentially dangerous natural phenomena, as a basis for the development of mitigation strategies for the prevention and management of risk and emergencies, in harmony with the European directives for adaptation to global changes. Communication and perception of risk itself and its uncertainty. Development of methodologies, technologies and processes based on the principles of eco-innovation for monitoring and protecting the environment from impacts generated by human activities in the atmosphere, at sea and on land. Methodologies and technologies for water resources management, definition of natural background levels, measurement and mitigation of chemical and emerging material pollution on human health, biosphere and cultural heritage.

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