BlueBio Call Announcement

Projects should explore innovative, yet sustainable and climate-friendly utilisation of aquatic biomass at different trophic levels, as well as sustainable harvesting, and novel aquaculture production systems targeting a range of existing or new markets, products (food, feed, chemistry, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, etc. applying a food first principle). The aim is to create, test, upscale and bring to the market new knowledge-intensive products and services derived from a diversity of aquatic biomass. The aquatic biomass in question may have either marine or freshwater origin. Projects may also seek synergies with land-based production. Projects should describe which part of the value chain being focused and give an indication of the technology readiness level (TRL) before and after the project. For projects that only focus on part of the value chain, impact and consequences of new methods or products should be considered in a wider value chain perspective.

Priority areas:
• Priority area 1: Exploring new bio-resources
• Priority area 2: Exploring improvements in fisheries and aquaculture
• Priority area 3: Exploring synergies across sectors
• Priority area 4: Exploring Biotechnology and ICT

Deadline 17 March 2019

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Cnr leader nelle ‘Nature Based Solutions’, per migliorare la qualità delle nostre città

Carlo Calfapietra (CNR – IBAF, già coordinatore del progetto europeo GreenInUrbs sulle infrastrutture verdi e le foreste urbane e co-chair del panel di esperti selezionati dalla Commissione Europea per realizzare un ‘assessment framework’ delle ‘Nature Based Solutions’) è stato recentemente incaricato dalla Commissione Europea di presentare il tema delle NBS e le evidenze scientifiche dell’efficacia in un contesto prestigioso quale quello dell’ UN Science Policy Business Forum svolto a Nairobi dal 2 al 3 dicembre scorsi.

Comunicato stampa CNR



Make your own maritime event memorable by linking it to #EMD2018

Not just one EMD: Bring European Maritime Day to Your Country

Every year up to one thousand European maritime professionals from both the public sector and the corporate world flock to a hosting port city to discuss the latest news in maritime development and shape future action. The 2018 edition will take place on the Black Sea, in the coastal city of Burgas, Bulgaria.

But there is not just one EMD. A series of local EMD events are also organised all over Europe for the public at large, so that the many European regions with a maritime culture can join in the celebrations and highlight the vital role of the seas and oceans for our life and for the economy.

Public interest and activism about the challenges to our seas and oceans have been rising steadily in recent years, and understandably so has attendance to the local EMD events. The fact that these events often have a “fun and game” component for a younger public only adds to their appeal and to their effectiveness in spreading the message.

European Commission – Maritime Affairs European –  Maritime Day (Web site)

Polo Distretto Ligure Tecnologie Marine (PoloDLTM): Catalogo seminari 2015

Polo Distretto Ligure Tecnologie Marine (PoloDLTM): Catalogo seminari 2015 Per il terzo anno consecutivo il Polo Distretto Ligure Tecnologie Marine, in collaborazione con Università di Genova, Fondazione Promostudi e Sezione ATENA di La Spezia, offre un’ampia varietà di temi di approfondimento negli ambiti della biologia marina, cantieristica navale e nautica, progettazione ingegneristica, informatica e programmazione. I seminari, completamente gratuiti, si avvarranno della partecipazione di esperti professionisti del settore, per un percorso annuale di alta formazione completo ed esaustivo.